The Little Things (NSVs)

I had a funny incident. It was funny because no-one else saw me, but it made me think about all the other weird little things that happen as you lose weight and the things that make you notice a difference – those non-scale victories.

For many people it’s the simple things: The next hole over on a belt. A shirt fastening that never used to. Personally I like the more quirky ones…

I’m at the point now with my yoga where I’m getting more flexible, and I realized this bending down to hoover under a shoe rack some weeks ago. But this has brought with it a new problem. The problem is my fat. It’s preventing me doing stuff. I’ve always had massive quad muscles  (even as a slim person) and there are certain restrictions that places on you (like fitting into skinny jeans and crossing your legs.)  It’s fine, and I’ve dealt with it, but the quads issue has spread to the rest of my body during the festive/quit-smoking period. I want to bend further to extend my poses, but my fat is actually, physically stopping me from doing so.  I refer to the funny incident – I had to come out of a yoga pose or else I was going to suffocate. I’m not kidding. I’ve jokingly said about choking on my chest before, but good god, I didn’t actually expect it to happen…

My rolls of belly fat were compressed against my generous thighs whilst leaning forward, which acted like a sort-of built-in wonderbra. This resulted in my face disappearing in to my ample bosom which was shoved up to an unnaturally pert position. Although everything was technically right in terms of my yoga posture, it was so very, very wrong. So what did I do? Stayed put for as long as possible, of course. I did try and stick it out until it was time to change positions, but when the room started spinning I thought I’d better get up.

I’ve decided that I’d really like that yoga position to be a future NSV.



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The Tables Are Turning

Weigh-in: 1lb loss

So, another weigh-in, another 1lb off. I’m not gonna lie, I can’t say I’m over the moon – even though I have plenty of reasons to be. I really don’t want to be the ‘1lb a week gal’. This is partially due to being the most impatient person in the world as well as busting a gut makes no difference to having an ‘average’ week. But things in my head are changing – that’s what this process is all about. As long as the scales keep going down, the longer it takes, the better.

Keep on Truckin’

The exercise has been the main thing keeping me going this week- as a scientific person, numbers, results and analysis make me tick. I was becoming obsessed with which dates I’d be a certain weight, how many lbs I could lose by Christmas etc. Running has given me another focus, and although it’s still number-focused (time, distance, pace) I’m spending more time listening to my body and noting breathing and comfort levels. This is a refreshing change, and has turned the tables on how I think about my weight loss. On Monday, I ran my first full 5k since injuring my knee and it felt amazing! I instantly thought ‘Well, even if the scales say I haven’t lost this week, I’m still happy with my achievement’ – that’s a big thing.

I continued to track my points and ran yesterday as usual. The weather was awful – windy and wet. (Typical Scottish Summer)  My GPS wasn’t working properly, so my pace and distance were completely out of whack – I was running blind. That actually put the fear of God in me (Jeez, I’m not even religious) – my RunKeeper lady is like my comfort blanket, so I was forced to listen to my body to pace myself.  I’m very guilty of pushing on too quickly to begin with (there’s the impatience again) and burning myself out on the last quarter mile. I tried really hard yesterday and had to fight all the way back uphill against the wind. I made it home without stopping and plonked myself down at the porch door. A quick calculation revealed I’d taken 1min 5 off my first 5k time. I could not believe it.

Weighing In

I was outrageously nonchalant heading in to weigh-in last night, I could have put on 2lbs and not given a monkeys. That NSV (That’s a Non-Scale Victory) from my run was enough for me. I had an outrageous weekend (which I planned and thoroughly enjoyed) and it could have jeopardized my weight  loss this week, but it didn’t matter, and I wasn’t obsessed with it. I still lost weight, I’m now lighter than my boyfriend, and can run 5k. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to say any of that.

This coming week will be an interesting one. I’m using it as an experiment. I’m working a lot of shifts this week, which really helps me organize and regiment my eating. I also have no social engagements this week, and will run as normal. I’m not going to dip into my weekly points at all (I’m usually very liberal with these) and keep 1 point under my daily allowance every day to see if I lose more than 1 lb next week.

Ironically, I’m only looking to lose 1lb this week so I can try on my ‘too tight’ pile of clothes that’s taunting me in the wardrobe. 2lbs will put me at 174lbs, reaching my next goal. Let’s see how we go!