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A Quarter-Challenge

I went to my new meeting. It was fabulous. It is indeed very small, and everyone is so supportive of each other. Because I’ve moved about a fair bit, I’ve attended a lot of different meetings. I can usually tell straight away whether I’m going to like it or not, and I knew the second I sat down in the little room that it was going to be splendid.

One of the things it did was lift my mood, and for the first time in weeks I’m beginning to feel better about myself. It feels nice. Getting up and getting on each day feels easier. I want to go out more and I’m becoming less irritable. In my normal pattern, this ‘up’ episode usually begins around the clocks changing at the end of March and I think the early turn is due to going back to Weight Watchers. That sounds a little dramatic, but sometimes isolation in large doses can skew your thinking more, and having a group of people who share your struggle can just be enough to knock you in the right direction.

One of our farm walks – what’s not to like?

Having turned the proverbial corner, my mind has floated towards my weight loss and my holiday at the beginning of June. I tried on some of my holiday clothes that I kept from waaay back – I got rid of most of them when I started to slim down. The ones that were left were all too tight to put on. In most of the major/nice times in my life, I can tell you what weight I was, and my last holiday abroad was a long time ago and I was 13st dead.

That’s where we’re going.

My last holiday ~ 13st

The funny thing about it was how big I remember feeling then. There are no bikini photos, any time I stood up I put a sarong on and even now I still can’t stand the sight of my legs in shorts in those pictures.

But I was healthy then and still in my 20s. I wasn’t even aware I had any problems with my reproductive organs, let alone in agony waiting for surgery. I’ve come through a lot since and the thought of being back at 13st right now is delicious.

So I have 12 weeks. A quarter of a year. My challenge is to get to 13st by the night before my flight. Funnily enough, my class happens to be the night before I go. Once again, I feel like the gods are trying to help me as best they can.

That works out at a little more than a 1lb per week for the next 12 weeks – a goal that is not unreasonable. Every week I will set a different intention to help me get there. If anyone wants to join me, feel free – I’d love to hear how you get on.

Week one for me is about assessing my fitness routine. At the moment most of my exercise is covered by walking my dogs round the farm and mixed yoga practice most days. At some point in the next twelve weeks I’m hoping that will change. I’m a keen runner but a old dodgy knee injury will not carry me up and down the rough trails on the farm at my current weight. If all goes to plan, I should reach my ‘safe’ running weight sometime in the course of this challenge.

If I can establish a baseline fitpoint achievement this week, that will allow me to set myself minimum standards and increase it as I get lighter and fitter (again).  So this week I aim to track all of my activity using my Weight Watchers app.

It’s so nice to have found a bit of hope and motivation again, and have someone tell you that yes, you can do it, yes, it is feasible and yes, help is at hand. We can all do this, one week at a time and with a little help from some friends.

Exercise, Healthy Eating, Life Journey, Targets, Weight Loss

Suprise is the Order of the Week

Weigh in:  1lb Loss

After an excellent first week at Weight Watchers, a loss of 8lbs brought me back to where I was in April. I knew this following week was going to be tough, as a short holiday at the in-laws was bound to disrupt things. Before we left, I promised myself I would enjoy myself without going mad,  and return to eating properly on my return. I’ve been religiously using the app to track my eating, but struggled with the ‘should I/shouldn’t I’ whilst I was away. On one hand, I didn’t want to obsess and suck the fun out my holiday (as well as being awkward to cook for!) but I didn’t want to waste my hard work from the previous week.

Time Away

I didn’t track. I bought some skimmed milk, low-fat natural yoghurt and fruit. I ate reasonably well for breakfast and lunch, enjoyed ice cream, drinks and a 3-course meal on the last night. I also did some walking and a swim in the sea. I found it hard, and was actually dreading the trip, as James’ mother and youngest sister were both at home (Both slim and beautiful)

To my surprise, Sister Youngest is a health freak and we ended up sharing breakfasts and recipes! I was also strangely inspired by her energy and motivation to keep herself trim and healthy. She reminds me of myself at her age, and I’m now hoping to manage a run with her next time I’m over – she’s really inspired me to push on!

Run on My Return

Because of my knee injury, I’ve been pretty limited with exercise. I have however ‘allowed’ myself one short run per week, and really wanted to get it in before weighing in this week to counterbalance my beer and ice cream. This was my second attempt and the  runkeeper lady kept me company as usual – I shaved a whopping 20 seconds off my run time! It’s amazing what half a stone can do….


I lost a pound! 9 lbs in 2weeks. I was expecting at best to stay the same, so I’m overjoyed by my progress. I’m now working off two separate goal lists, so have checked off goal 1 on the page here, and I’m 1lb away from my 2nd Weight Watchers goal of losing 5% of my body weight.

Have a good week, folks!