The Little Things (NSVs)

I had a funny incident. It was funny because no-one else saw me, but it made me think about all the other weird little things that happen as you lose weight and the things that make you notice a difference – those non-scale victories.

For many people it’s the simple things: The next hole over on a belt. A shirt fastening that never used to. Personally I like the more quirky ones…

I’m at the point now with my yoga where I’m getting more flexible, and I realized this bending down to hoover under a shoe rack some weeks ago. But this has brought with it a new problem. The problem is my fat. It’s preventing me doing stuff. I’ve always had massive quad muscles  (even as a slim person) and there are certain restrictions that places on you (like fitting into skinny jeans and crossing your legs.)  It’s fine, and I’ve dealt with it, but the quads issue has spread to the rest of my body during the festive/quit-smoking period. I want to bend further to extend my poses, but my fat is actually, physically stopping me from doing so.  I refer to the funny incident – I had to come out of a yoga pose or else I was going to suffocate. I’m not kidding. I’ve jokingly said about choking on my chest before, but good god, I didn’t actually expect it to happen…

My rolls of belly fat were compressed against my generous thighs whilst leaning forward, which acted like a sort-of built-in wonderbra. This resulted in my face disappearing in to my ample bosom which was shoved up to an unnaturally pert position. Although everything was technically right in terms of my yoga posture, it was so very, very wrong. So what did I do? Stayed put for as long as possible, of course. I did try and stick it out until it was time to change positions, but when the room started spinning I thought I’d better get up.

I’ve decided that I’d really like that yoga position to be a future NSV.




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