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Progress Nonetheless

I don’t know what I was expecting. Miracles maybe? This week I focused on taking the path back to a more normal eating pattern and cutting out the junk food that has been my security blanket during the move.

This started with a trip to the supermarket to stock up on healthy staples to fill my now-numerous cupboards and a menu plan for the week ahead. Armed with a basic shopping list I toddled to my supermarket of choice and looked around to see what else would spring out at me. I’ve never felt so uninspired and demotivated. I don’t really know the reasons why, but it was not a good feeling. I like cooking. I like eating good food. Perhaps I’m not entirely engaged yet, not in the ‘zone’. It made me feel flat and fat and a little bit sad. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not getting somewhere, right?

I returned with a halfhearted shop and half an idea of what to cook for the coming week. Not really the ideal position to be in for reincarnating your healthy eating lifestyle. When I thought about it over the course of the week, it was a damn sight better than where I was the previous week. (Takeaways, white bread, biscuits and booze. Every day.) At least I managed to cut down on the grazing and the junk, so that was one success. I ate fruit, limited the munching and actually started cooking again. Hmm, see? Two successes. I reminded myself of last weeks’ post about keeping positive and not beating myself up.

I will need to try harder with alcohol this week. This has sort-of been thwarted with the arrival of my mother. I’m not blaming her in the slightest, but when she comes to visit, I seem to go into ‘holiday beer mode’; however, my overall consumption is still a lot lower than it used to be – it’s more the frequency rather than the volumes.

The exercise front has fared slightly better. A combination of work and exploring my new surroundings with the canine proportion of our tribe has lead to that success. Part of the enterprise at the new farm encompasses dog-friendly holiday cottages. Trails have been carved into the landscape to provide walks for the holiday-goers, which give me perfect routes to expand my exercise regime. I’ve been tramping these trails most of the week. This coming week, I’m going to mile out these routes using my Garmin and plan some 5k runs to get me started again. I think that there will be more walking than running to begin with, but hey – no shame in that.

I suppose this week has been what the cool kids would call ‘meh’. Something tells me I should be gung-ho and throwing myself into an all-encapsulating healthy-lifestyle bubble. Truthfully, I fare much better at making healthy habits routine if I introduce them one at a time. Patience, grasshopper. I still need to set myself little goals though. By doing so, I have a focus. By mentioning them here, I make myself accountable.

This coming week, my aims are as follows:

  • Lower alcohol consumption to no more than 2 nights a week
  • Plan out trails and set a 5k route
  • Continue to exercise with dogs

Despite a considerably mediocre week, I hopped on the scales to find myself two and a half lbs down from the uncomfortable truth of last week. So my little successes are having an impact. I’m hoping that with the enforcement of the above goals, I’ll see another loss this week. It’s still progress after all.


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