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SmartPoints Part 1 – Eat

Welcome to my first post of three on the new approach of WeightWatchers.

The last few weeks have been interesting for me, as I’ve watched the hype surrounding the changes announced to the WeightWatchers ProPoints plan. As someone who is a veteran WW, I have to say I’ve been moderately amused by the reaction of members which has been amplified by the joy of social media. I remember a long, long time ago in the bad old days of the original Points system when ProPoints were introduced, and the same chaos ensued.

I’ve been totally relaxed about it this time round. I know the plan we have been following works, and some might say ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. I  heard the disgusting phrase ‘It’s just a money-making scheme’, which I chose to ignore. Yes, WWs are a multi-billion pound company, (I’m pretty sure businesses are successful because they turn a profit?) but this shit works. No faddy diets, no cutting food groups or promises of lightning-fast weight loss. Just perseverance, guidance and making the right choices. And like any other industry, if they  want to stay on top of their game they need to keep moving.

Everything moves on. You will have to at some point too. Whether it’s a psychological journey, a physical journey or whatever, each one of us evolves over time. Our behaviours evolve too. For many of us who are well-practised in the art of ProPoints, it’s a boot up the backside we need to keep us on our toes. Maybe that’s the reason some have been scared of it?

The mechanics of the new system more or less functions in the same way as the old one, but a better version. For anyone reading this who is considering joining WeightWatchers, I can tell you that the overall response to this new plan has been overwhelmingly positive. It works. The focus is split into three sections which I’ll cover in separate posts.


Keeping the points system and a no-weigh alternative was a no-brainer. Everyone knew that the old system worked so WWs would have been crazy to scrap it. Enter SmartPoints and No Count. Truthfully, there isn’t a massive amount of difference in the eating side of things, WWs have simply redressed the balance between healthy and unhealthy foods to force members into making healthier choices (which, of course, we should all be doing anyway, ahem). Previously a small portion of fries (5ppts) could be happily guzzled for barely more than a chicken breast (4ppts). With some clever calculations and awesome algorithms, those same foods are now worlds apart. Chicken breast, now a measly 2 SmartPoints. Those fries? Try SIX UPWARDS depending on your restaurant of choice. The same is true of foods with added sugar – chocolate, yoghurts and the like have all shot up in values. I do notice that after being given a new daily points allowance (for people counting only) as well as a tweaked weekly allowance (given to no-count members as well) having these newly ‘expensive’ items are not outwith a realistic grasp. You just have to think long and hard to see if it’s worth it.

The upshot of this is that many members are choosing protein-rich, lower fat options and seriously limiting the sugar intake. That sounds like a healthy, positive diet to me. As I type today, I am two lbs lighter than when I started this blog nearly two years ago (Yikes! Where has the time gone?) and a-much-more-impressive 23lbs lighter than when I started back at WWs after surgery in the summer. If SmartPoints can continue the trend of the last few months, I’m in.

***Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with WeightWatchers, nor am I a paid blogger to promote the company or any of its products. All opinions are solely mine. I just happen to like it.***


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