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No Excuses

I was going to write a post about the new SmartPoint system that’s being rolled out for all Weight Watchers members this week to keep my blog ‘topical’ – but after the chaos and mayhem that has ensued around useless apps, websites being down and some not having been to their meeting yet, I’ve decided to give it a miss until the furore blows over.

I had a mediocre week last week, gaining a pound for no apparent reason whatsoever. It was one of those ones that wasn’t worth it. If I’d had a week of sheer debauchery then fair enough – at least I would have enjoyed it and deserved it! My petted lip was out.

After emerging from my sulk, I thought about my meeting and what was said. Maybe I needed to embrace the take-home message more. We talked about excuses for not doing things. I’ve already talked about ‘I’m too busy’…but that’s not what got me. ‘I’m too tired’ popped into my head straight away. I use that one a lot. I feel that I am justified in that I work silly hours that aren’t on any sort of shift pattern, and I don’t sleep well generally. HOWEVER. Should I really be using it to hinder my weight loss? No. Do I want to lose this weight for good, or would I rather not and be able to moan about being tired and lethargic all the time? I don’t need to tell you the answer to that.

So this week I’ve made a concentrated effort to omit ‘I’m too tired’ or ‘I can’t be arsed’ from my vocabulary – after all, I consider myself to be a productive and motivated person anyway, so technically those phrases shouldn’t be part of my repertoire. Twice this week I’ve caught myself – The first was on Sunday after merriment the previous night. I was all set for a snuggly day in pyjamas. James had other ideas and dragged me out down the beach with the dogs. I protested under various justifications for nearly an hour. He didn’t give up. He kept nudging. I gave in. ‘No excuses’ I thought. After a rough night on Monday with a 3am start, Tuesday was dead in the water. I was a bit more prepared second time round, making the effort to push out all images of cozy pyjamas and hot mugs of tea from my head, and embrace the sudden sunny day.

I have learned something from my week of no excuses. If I repeatedly envisage what is good (i.e walking the dogs)  and shut out the lazy alternative, I’m far more inclined to follow through with the positive choice. Secondly, when I return from work sleepy, stinky, hungry and grumpy (I’m beginning to sound like the seven dwarfs) as long as I keep going and don’t sit down, everything is fine.

Hopefully I’ve done enough this week to take off the weight that I put on with all my positive visualization and not-sitting-downiness. I was hoping to get my 25lbs certificate for Christmas Eve but looking at the calendar, I think I’m going to be pushing my luck. Let’s wait and see what the wonderful SmartPoints brings – maybe I’ll get a Christmas miracle after all.