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“I Haven’t Got Time”….

… “I’m too busy”. Go on, how many times have you said it? Work. Family. Obligations. Stuff. Life. It gets in the way.

Or does it? Being a veteran (10 years and counting) on the weight loss,  I’ve found that nine times out of ten it’s an excuse. The whole world is ‘too busy’. You’re not special because you are busy. If we weren’t ‘busy’, we’d all be depressed hermits and for those of us who like our food/drink, probably really, really fat. There are many people in this world that are ‘busy’ but seem to make time for things. I am not on my high horse. I’m the worst one for it, and it’s an ugly habit I’ve picked up from my father (sorry Dad).

If there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that you are actually not too busy. If you want to be fit and healthy, wealthy and wise, rule number one is – Look out for number one. No-one else is going to do it for you. If you aren’t fit and healthy, chances are you will come a cropper at some point. For most of us, being unable to work is detrimental to household cash-flow, which in turn opens up another can of worms entirely. So don’t be too jammed with tasks to look after yourself. A very wise person once told me the best way to maintain a balance between modern hectic life and self-preservation was about hobbies.

Everyone should have three hobbies: one to make you money, one to keep you fit and one to be creative.

I’m unintentionally living by it now, and it seems to be working. For the time being I am on my own with three dogs to care for, two of which are hyperactive collies that need ‘run’, not walked. My dogs never get left alone for more than four hours. If I’m going to be longer, my dear mother pops in on them. It’s not often. I’m working two different job roles, one of which involves working ungodly hours (hobby for money). 3 a.m start, anyone? I’m trying to write a novel, keep my blog and other writing duties in check (creative hobby) and I’m back running (keep fit hobby). I’m keeping the house. You get the picture.

In all of this, by some minor miracle, I still have time to chill out. Cook a nice roast for the family. Even if all you have is a teeny-tiny slot of 20 minutes to yourself each day, you can make time for yourself. Get organized and don’t let anything butt in on it. You are important – just as important as everything else you are committed to. If you really want it you won’t be too busy. This might be to take up one of the aforementioned hobbies.

In deciding how much time I have to assign to lovely little me, there are a few things I’ve noticed that seem to suck hours away in a flash:

Television/Netflix/Other generic binge-watching media. To me, TV is for weekends, not a default every night as soon as the table is cleared.

The dreaded iPad/mobile phone. Pinterest is a killer for me. I enjoy browsing the web for a bit of chill time, but I try to limit it.

Lack of ‘help around the house’. Not much I can do about this one, but others can. When someone asks you what you are doing on XX day, how many times have you replied, “Doing the ironing” or “Blitzing the housework”? Balance out the chores a bit – give yourself some breathing space. Even small children can do a bit to chip in, and you are teaching them about life. It’s a well-known fact that most households, despite both parents working full-time, rely on the female for most of their meals and ‘keeping house’. We do not live in the dark ages. I’m not suggesting that you make radical changes, but every little helps.

Aren’t we all entitled to a bit of ‘me-time’? That particular phrase usually conjures up images of a hen-pecked mother sinking into a bath with candles and a glass of wine, but not so. Physical and mental fitness are BOTH important, especially when losing weight. Use the time to go for a walk. Clear your head. Do something for yourself. Your future self will thank you for it.

I’m going to do my best to make sure I keep the ‘me time’ available for as long as possible. Hopefully y’all can do the same.



2 thoughts on ““I Haven’t Got Time”….”

  1. Yesterday, I blogged about the idea that we all have to “busy” all the time- it sometimes seems like a bad thing when we’re not busy, which is just so silly. Me-time is just as important as productive time.

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