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Two Steps Forward….

…and then I hurt my back.

I’ve been like Superwoman the last month. I’ve single-handedly painted, bought, fixed, tinkered and rearranged four rooms in four weeks, which included building a solid-wood four-door wardrobe on my own. It’s been a great precursor to going back to ‘proper’ exercise, my weight loss was off to a great start and everything was going swimmingly (Incidentally I’ve found a lot of things that I never knew I was capable of). I should have known it was too good to be true! I had a stiffness in my back towards the tail end of last week, which I assumed was because I’ve been using muscles that have been on a very long holiday. By Sunday evening, I couldn’t stand up straight and moving in any direction was a problem. Even sitting at my desk to work/write was a complete no-no.

So it’s been a bit of an odd week. I wasn’t well enough to drive, so didn’t weigh in, and ended up playing catch-up at the end of the week with work. My Mother dearest warned me not to go ‘off the boil’ with my weight loss just because I was a temporary cripple and didn’t weigh in, but to be truthful, the pain was actually putting me off eating for a large part of the week and I didn’t track at all. Instead I self-medicated with Jack Daniel’s to get me off to sleep. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

I’m now cautiously optimistic as I’m now only suffering tweaks as I move about and am firmly back in the tracking zone. I think this is helped by the house starting to feel a bit more like a home, so tonight I cooked my first proper dinner since I moved in. It was a recipe for Moroccan stuffed butternut squash, from this month’s WWs magazine.

IMG_1041Oh good god. Not only was I absolutely ravenous, but I was excited about cooking proper, tasty food again. The last month I’ve been living off ‘healthy’ ready-meals, simply to fit round my insane work/dogs/decorating schedule. (An aside – if you do find yourself reaching for the ready meals, take the time to cook them in the oven – I’ve found they taste so much better than being microwaved.)

I got halfway through this bad boy and had to stop for a rest. I’ve never been so outrageously full in my life. The veg ended up going to the dogs because I physically couldn’t fit any more food inside my body. That really is saying something when it comes to me and food. For a measly five Propoints I’d highly recommend it!

I’m ‘allowed’ back to exercise next week, but have the added complication of having James home for the week. I’ve not seen him in a month because he is still living and working in England, so I’m REALLY excited to have him home. Our time together is precious at the moment, and I don’t want to waste any of it. BUT….. The first question he asked was, “Have you found a decent Chinese yet?”

I had to gently explain to him that five stones are not going to lose themselves and I’ve not touched any takeaway food since I arrived North of the Border. I have no intentions of doing so either, so next week is clearly going to be a tough one. With that in mind, I’m focusing on having a good, positive week this week and hopefully I can see my 5% goal at the scales on Saturday just in time for his arrival.

Lastly, I came across my running diary as I unpacked some more boxes the other day. I keep a very meticulous record of every run – I was surprised to find that my running after my knee injury started at 13st 7, not 13st. So I’ve decided to pull that milestone forward. That excites me – it’s not far away. As I’ve said before, I’ve done it once, I’ll do it again.


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