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Ode to the Haggis

Being back in Scotland has many advantages. I feel very happy to be home on most counts. The only real drawback is the weather. As I mentioned before, it’s all the little things from home that you miss,  and I’ve settled back in well, enjoying all of those things and appreciating them. I’m starting to find a routine, which is something that I need. It’s particularly beneficial to me in terms of eating. I’m a ‘counter’, so tracking is important to me to continue the losses on the scales each week. I’ve gotten in to the habit again of tracking straight away after every meal so that the tendency to omit things is minimized and I can plan ahead.

This week has been good, I’ve been keeping myself active in preparation for going back to ‘proper’ exercise in a week or so (excited!) and I dropped a marvellous 3lbs at the scales giving me my first silver seven and leaving me only 1.5lbs from my 5% goal. I’ve updated my Positivity Page and my Goals Page if anyone would like a gander. My last stitch dropped out this week too, meaning when it has healed over I can head into the pool. All I need now is a swimsuit that fits, my old one is way too tight. I’m feeling good, and can definitely attribute the losses so far to tracking carefully.

“If you snack it, you track it”

Naturally, tracking leads to the inevitable ‘I wonder how many points is in this?’ and a quick tap on the app can usually satisfy the curiosity. Some things you just know are going to be horrendous (think half a meat feast pizza) and you’d rather not torture yourself by finding out. I’ve noticed that quite a lot of foods have surprised me though. A Rice Krispies Squares mallow bar is only 3ppts – if you have a sweet tooth but don’t want to splurge on chocolate, it’s ideal.

I was on one of these ponderings when I decided to look up an old favourite – Haggis. It’s not something I eat very often, say, once or twice a year, but I love it. I L-O-V-E it. Feeling a bit patriotic over the last few weeks, I found a tin winking at me whilst I was wandering round the supermarket, so I lifted it and put it in the trolley.


Once I returned home and unpacked all my super-healthy shopping (ha!) I whipped out my app and looked up my haggis, thinking maybe I could have it as a treat sometime. It might be something nice to look forward to. Tap, tap, tap…my wee heart sank into the floor. I nearly collapsed. My tin was a whopping 14ppts! That’s nearly half my current daily allowance. ‘That’s not so bad?’ I hear you say – but hang on, we’re not talking a tin that you’d maybe split with someone…..


This is what James refers to as a ‘diddy tin’. If I was to half it with someone for 7ppts (still a lot of points for me – my whole evening meal is often 7ppts) I’d barely have more than a few forkfuls. Absolutely not worth it.

So as I work towards my 5%, I think the wee tin of haggis will just need to stay in the cupboard. So much for the joys of being back in Scotland!



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