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Game On!

I don’t normally enjoy trips to the hospital (Who does?), but I can honestly say Thursday was the best day of my life in a long, long time. I have news. I have a timescale, and now I have my precious plan.

My new consultant is a serious, efficient man. He insisted on another scan (done right there and then!) another blood test and a cervical smear. My growth is now half a centimetre larger than in September, and he took no time in deciding to send me for surgery. The NHS in England pledges to provide treatment after referral within sixteen weeks. By the end of May this will all be over. HUH-FREAKIN-RAY! 

I swear blind, I could have kissed the guy. By the time it’s over, this will have been going on a year, and it has progressively affected my healthy lifestyle more and more. Not for much longer! (Small Happy Dance outburst)

I’ve been doing a lot of research on how hormones affect weight loss and suitable ways to keep active in a limited state, and I found some really interesting stuff. I also spoke to the doctor about it too. One of my main concerns just now is how to slam the brakes on my weight gain. I’m now 2 lbs heavier than when I started at Weight Watchers in 2013, and have gained a total of 2 stone (24lbs) since my lightest in September of last year. I’ve learned that this is a nasty combination of inactivity, a now-sedentary job and Horrible Hormones. I’m not the type of person to starve myself, but have found a few methods to try and stem the gains until post-op. 

Right now I track using the ProPoints system and eat anything I want within my allowance, which clearly is doing me no favours. So now we are paring back to sheer mechanics. I need to eat only as fuel. Eat to stop me feeling hungry. Although I take great pleasure in my food, I need to try and put that to one side for the purposes of the next six to eight weeks. I’m cutting out alcohol, refined carbs and sugars from my diet, as these are common foods that ‘stick’ when the body is struggling to metabolise properly. Another step is to cut main meals to very small portions- it’s easier to gauge accurately when you are no longer hungry (I can always go for more if I’m still feeling hollow). Naturally I’ll still use all my Weight Watchers recipes, so meals will still be full of good stuff. 

In terms of exercise, I’m going stir-crazy. So this morning I squeezed myself into some of my bigger running gear (thank god workout gear is stretchy) and took myself out for a walk. The sun was shining, and in the Fens you can see forever on a clear day. I mapped out a 5k route and did a teeny-tiny bit of very slow jogging with no ill effects, and it felt amazing. I was so happy. I sang really loud as I jogged and soaked it all in. If I can manage this most days, I’m hoping it help with halting the weight gain. 

Now I have my plan in place, all I need is for the letter to drop through the door with a date for theatre and it’s Game On. Bring it on, Sissy. 


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