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These are a Few of My Favourite Things…..

Finally back at Weight Watchers, and I’m really, really glad that I made the decision to do it. As planned, I got on the scales at home the day before, and was relieved to find that I wasn’t heavier than when I started WWs in 2013. Just. This didn’t detract from the fact that none of my clothes fit me, and I was entirely miserable.

The first meeting back, our leader asked us to set a 4-week goal as it’s been found that if you stay to your first four classes, you are more likely to stick it out. My goal was to lose seven lbs in that first four weeks to take me safely back into the ’12’s. Two weigh-ins later, I’m so-so- my first week was amazing and I lost 4.5 lbs. I replicated my first weeks’ eating and cut out the booze the second week and weighed in. Wait for it….. I put on 1lb! I’ve never been so cheesed off about one freakin’ pound. At the time I found it quite disheartening, but have miraculously turned it into determination to lose this week. I’m halfway to my four-week goal and I ain’t giving up that easy!

I don’t know why this has happened, but I have meticulously tracked every morsel, movement and munchie that has gone on in a bid to get this weight-loss kick-started- it is possible that current hormonal issues may be affecting things, but if I put on again this week, what do I do? Fingers crossed………

Stay Positive and Love Stuff

In a bid to keep positive, I’ve surrounded myself with lots of good stuff that I like to eat. For those of us who are WWs Lifers, it’s easy to get stuck in a food rut and eat the same, day in, day out. Then we get fed up. Then we eat more ‘interesting’ things. That we haven’t ProPointed. Then we feel shame when we eventually find out the values. Then it goes horribly wrong……

The things shown here are items I use most days, and I’m hoping it might encourage you lovely readers to try something different and switch up your eating. If you are new to WWs, it might give you some ideas for planning your eating.


Splenda: 0ppts – this is a must for me, it’s the closest thing to sugar without being sugar. I like sweet tea. I like sweet porridge. I drink a lot of tea. I eat a lot of porridge. I’ve tried stevia extract sweeteners, and they are rotten. Aspartame- based sweeteners give me a headache. Splenda is pricey but versatile, as I use it for baking as well, lowering PPts values for ‘naughty’ things.

Tinned Fruit Cocktail: 0ppts – note- this refers to fruit in natural juice, which is drained off before eating. I regularly use these as an afternoon snack, because there are so many flavours without any of the hassle- I eat a whole tin in one go, kinda like a bowl of cereal, and the best of it is, it counts as 2 of my 5-a-day!

Warburtons Wholemeal Thins: 3 PPts, Free on F & H- a godsend. I am a carb freak, and used to easily munch my way through half a toastie loaf without thinking about it. No more! I build massive skyscraper sandwiches with these little bad boys, cutting down the points by half of what I used to eat. Quite versatile, too. Very good for curbing that bread-y craving. Beware: toast at your peril. (think Melba toast)

Blueberries: 0ppts – this is a recent one for me, full of antioxidants and fabulous in porridge. Sometimes I make a smoothie in the morning, and blueberries give it the most awesome colour! Also try berry toasts, which can be found in the WWs ‘your way’ booklet.

Bananas: 0ppts – I eat these every day. As a runner, bananas are one of the few things that agree with me before a run, so I’ve always had one at breakfast time (sometimes they go into the smoothie or the porridge!)

WWs sausages: 1ppt each – Oh. My. Word. A sausage for ONE ProPoint? Amazing! More to the point, a TASTY sausage. Switch in for a healthy Sunday fry-up, slice and have in a sandwich cold, or bake in the oven for bangers ‘n’ mash. Fabulous.

Jaffa Cakes: 1ppt each – this is my ‘biscuit’ substitute. I know they are technically not biscuits, but for 1 measly point you get chocolate, tangy orangey goodness and a little sweet sponge.

Maple Syrup: 1ppt per 2 teaspoons – great as a natural sweetener, once again, this sometimes goes in the ole porridge, on pancakes, ice cream….. And for a special treat, bung it in a low-cal hot chocolate.

Olives: 1ppt for 10: I know these are not for everyone, but I love them for ‘picking’ – that point in the day when you’re not really hungry but hankering for something. Pickled onions are another favourite of mine.

Finally, the one thing I could not survive without. Crisps. I eat crisps every day and it’s the one thing I would feel deprived of if I was on a ‘diet’. These pickled onion Space Raiders are a ProPoint bargain a 2 per packet, meaning I can easily slot them into my daily allowance while still making other healthy choices. So there you are, you can eat crisps every day, still have a balanced diet and lose weight.

What are your go-to foods and favourites?


3 thoughts on “These are a Few of My Favourite Things…..”

  1. Well Said Gemma. I like a toasted crumpet with choc shot helps with sweet craving too. We are all on this journey together. I am enjoying your wee blog. Stay positive xx

  2. Hi Gemma. I had a lovely pp’d lunch the other day with your mum and her friend Pauline. What lovely ladies – we had a good old laugh and it really helps to know we r all in the same boat at ww. I too am a huge fan of Splenda and use it even in my coffee. Ww sausages r also a favourite – sometimes I chop them up and hav them in pasta with broccoli and a wee bit of Parmesan – yum! I also once squeezed out all the sausage meat, rolled out a brown warbie thin, put the sausage meat in, rolled it up, brushed with skimmed milk, bung in the oven for about 10 minutes – keep an eye on them – and, hey presto, a sausage roll for 1pp, add beans, all filling and healthy! I put ww rich toffee bars in the freezer as they take longer to eat. My saviour at night when the kids hav gone to bed. Also love bananas, grapes and mango – not all at once, though! Lol. I love your blog. Very honest and also very helpful. Thanks for sharing xxxx

    1. Hi Laura, glad to hear you enjoyed yourself the other day, but I warn you- stick with those two and you’ll end up daft! Love your ‘favourites’ – I always enjoy hearing about how other people use the plan.

      Glad you like the blog too, sometimes it’s just nice to know that we ARE all in the same boat, and I hope that by being honest I can help at least one person. It’s also therapeutic for me, so it’s a win-win. Have a good week! X

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