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It’s All Relative

Happy New Year to you all! I know for a lot of us the turn of the year signifies fresh starts, out with the old, in with the new. I love making resolutions and embracing the opportunity to start afresh. Out of my six resolutions last year, I kept three of them, and one I was unable to do because of my health. Three out of five ain’t bad! Incidentally, I’ve made six this year too – I wonder how many I will keep?

I was lucky enough to have my parents visit over the holidays. It’s a long way for them to come, so they stayed for 6 days. It was amazing to see my mum, who is completely in the WWs ‘zone’ and she’s looking fantastic. I’ve only ever known her as being overweight (okay, I’m being too nice here – obese), and slowly she is creeping out of that and beginning to look ‘normal’. This is monumental. I remember the horrible experiences of being dragged to the ‘fat shops’ to find outfits for birthdays, dinners and weddings, which always resulted in settling for what looked the least horrific, always tent-like tunic tops and dark colours. And mum always came out those shops sad, outfit or no outfit. Not any more! She’s wearing bright colours, can shop in most ‘normal’ shops, wears tailored jackets and during the summer even wore short-shorts: albeit only in the privacy of her back garden. The dreaded swimsuit with the ‘skirt’ (Chambourcy hippo springs to mind – does anyone even remember those adverts? – sorry Mum) has also been canned, and she looks a million dollars. I am so proud of her. So so so proud. She still has a way to go, but she is focused and has no intentions of stopping.

As you are all aware, I’ve turned into a bit of a porker the last little while. Seeing mum gave me the courage and that final push I needed to confirm what I need to do until Operation Time (hereafter referred to as O.T) and get myself out of Misery Mountain. None of my clothes fit me (I can’t even do up some of my jeans and shirts) and I feel like crap most days. I hark back to the Crap In, Crap Out Theorem and it’s stopping. The final steps of my masterplan are slotting into place and it is all systems go tomorrow morning.

Due to the demise of my running, I bought a cheap swimsuit (don’t even ask what size…..) and a pair of goggles yesterday. I went to the local leisure centre and checked out the pool times. I was hoping swimming, even if it has to be very gentle, would agree with my gammy ovary situation and allow me to fill that running junkie gap and try and lose some of the beef pre-op. Today I went to test the water (pun intended) and found a clean, functional and pleasant pool. I did 32 (slow) lengths without so much as a tweak from my left side. HURRAY!!!

Swimming is a great way to exercise, especially if you are new to keeping active. I wrote a bit on swimming in a previous post here. At this juncture, being in the pool is probably the best thing for me, as knee has been niggling lately too. I’m pretty sure that’s because I’ve put weight on, and in all honesty I’m probably too heavy to be running on it anyway.

So…. swimming it is, and back to WWs on Tuesday now that I have access to a car again. I’m going to jump on the scales at home tomorrow morning, as I don’t particularly want tears/depression/heart attack in a room full of strangers on Tuesday……. I’m not setting myself any time-bound goals at the moment, but 11-9 is hovering in my head. That’s what I weighed in at the day I ran 16 miles to class. I felt like a superhero that day.

I’m ready, I’m set and now it’s time to GO!

Thanks Mum 🙂







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