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Welcome Back

A warm welcome to you all – thanks for joining me again after a long absence. You’ll notice the title of my blog has changed, and not without good reason.

To catch you up quickly, I’ve moved from beautiful Scotland to very flat south-east England, and I’ve had a lot of personal developments in the last five months too. Moving (again) has challenged my mental stability, as has the new life that has come with it. My personal health has deteriorated considerably in the last few months (That sounds over-dramatic) but I’m no longer able to run, or even lift anything heavy. This is quite a shock to me, considering I’m used to hauling about 35-kilo lambs and running 10 miles plus on a good day.  I went out for a ‘doddle’ the other day – it really can’t be called running in any way, shape or form – and lasted a quarter of a mile before the searing pain started down my left side. I went home and cried. A lot. And I’m not a crier. Running has been the one crutch through my entire weight loss journey, those weeks when we ‘STS’ or even gain – running has kept me focused, and the feeling of progression and getting fitter has been a real pleasure and achievement in itself.

In light of these changes, I decided I needed something to occupy me (read: keep me away from the kitchen) that didn’t involve exercise. Something that could take me away from all the alien, new and familiar routines that I’m now facing. I’ve always been a keen reader/writer and still write poems to this day , and write a sort-of diary/journal entry when I can’t sleep or am feeling blue. So, I’ve decided to take up the long-wished-for ambition of writing a book. This is not as simple as it sounds.

Writing is just like exercise; in order to feel the benefits and get better, you need to work. You don’t just jot down a magically perfect paragraph as it floats into your head – you need to write- every day – exercises, lists, ideas, blogs. Write, edit, change, re-write. You need to research your theme to make it believable. I’m under no illusions. I’m not going to get published. But it is something that I’ve always wanted to do, and I know I have the capability to do it. I’ve been digging out all my old poems, short stories and journals and transposing hard copies to digital copies to get back in the swing of typing, and it saddened me to read some old journal entries from as far back as 2006 and the main theme of my unhappiness is my weight.

Although unrelated in the direct sense to Weight Watchers, fitness or my weight-loss journey, I feel like writing is a huge part of me (I suppose that’s why I started a blog in the first place?) and it may just be the thing that keeps me sane until I’m operated on, recovered and ready to kick ass. Maybe I’ll have written a bestseller by then?


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