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Finally! Something to Write About!

Current weight: 12st 5

I literally have just been ticking along for the last two months. As I mentioned in my last post in March, I’ve been trying to keep within the lines and do a sort-of damage limitation exercise, and keep chipping away with the running. I have indeed been doing this, and have managed to stay within 5lbs of my lightest weigh-in at WWs. It’s obvious to me that my medication is affecting my weight, but I’m still determined and fighting against it. I have not yet managed a 5k PB ( not for the want of trying!) and Hell’s Bells Hill has not yet been attempted. It’s all been very uneventful, and I don’t like blogging just for the sake of it.


Bobbing along, minding my own…. All of a sudden, an NHS envelope. In April, an appointment with the consultant was sent to me for the beginning of May- I have never been so relieved/happy/scared all in one go. I had to travel a fair distance to the hospital for my appointment, and both James and my mum offered to go with me. I know they are trying to be supportive, but it’s one of those things I’d just rather deal with myself-so I went alone.

The outcome of that appointment has made such a difference to the way I’ve been feeling and saved me from stooping to the ‘What’s the Point?’ attitude, which I was very, very close to. I now know I’m being sent for more scans and blood tests, but more importantly I know when I’m going back to the consultant. September. When I go back for this next appointment, it’s to organise my operation. I don’t give a monkeys that it’s nearly 4 months away, it’s just good to KNOW. I can get on with my life!

Staying Positive…..

Okay, there are downsides. I still have to keep taking medication for the next few months, and I’m going to have the operation which will result in a fair bit of downtime and missing work. However this is greatly outweighed by all the cool stuff- I can plan round it. I have the whole summer/autumn to run all the races I want to run, enjoy being outside in the better weather, and the time off work will be when it’s crappy, cold, wet and dark. Much Better!

With this in mind, I’ve registered for another 5 races this year between now and October. I already have the 5k race for life this Sunday, which I’m running with some of my WWs girls and my friend Kerri, who ran a full 5k for the first time just last week. I have now also roped myself into another 5k in June, a half marathon in July, a 5-miler in September as well as a 10k, and finally a 10k at the beginning of October to round off before Op-time.

Crazy Crazy

Me being me, I am of course not content with all of this- although there will be plenty of challenges in getting through all of these races and keeping up the motivation/training, it’s not enough of a challenge. I get the Crazy Gene in part from my dear Uncle with whom I share a surprising amount in common, and it is wholly responsible for what will be happening on the 21st September.

Uncle has wanted to run round his beloved Isle of Arran (just off the SW coast of Scotland) for some time, and being a seasoned runner and not getting any younger, has decided that now is the time. The problem is, it’s 55 miles all the way round.

He has split it over two days- 24 miles the first day and 31 the second. Now, I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid. One of the things I was hoping to achieve this year is to run a marathon, but that’s not going to happen. I’m also not experienced enough distance-wise to run 55 miles in two days. I compromised and said I’d run one of the days with him, and decided it will be day 2. Yep, 31 miles. I said before I must be mad, now I know I am. I’m running an Ultra Marathon.

There is sound reasoning behind this, (promise!) and I had a good long think about it before making a decision. First and foremost I am there to support my uncle. It is not an organized race, it’s just us, and we are going to have support cyclists with us to stop us getting squashed and carry all our gear. He’s going to be pretty tired on day two, and would benefit more by the distraction over the longer distance. My natural pace is also a lot slower than his, which will help to save his energy a bit, and I can keep an eye on him. I also figured if I did day one, I’d be selling myself short of completing a marathon distance in 2014- at least this way I can say I’ve run a marathon! (There just happens to be another 5 mikes tacked on). So that’s it, committed and training will commence on Monday! Crazy Crazy.

8-week Challenge

Aside from running shenanigans, I am participating in the 8-week challenge at my WWs class… A focused bid to shed 1lb per week, by doing something new/different every week until the kids stop school for Summer. Although I may not manage it on the scales every week, it gives me a really good focus on what I’m doing eating-wise instead of being obsessed with losing weight. Last week I upped my running. This week I’ve given up beer. I have also (for a short time) stopped taking my medication. I’m only doing it as an experiment, and to hopefully preserve some of my sanity on the scales. This weeks weigh-in is going to be interesting! Roll on week 3………


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