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Goal Lists – A review

This week is looking good for me, I’m definitely back to being 100% focused and back running regularly.  I’m really pleased I was able to get  to class last week, it’s definitely something I need as part of my support network. In light of this and the fact that it’s only 4 weigh-ins ’til Christmas (eep!), I’ve been in a reflective mood, and have been looking over my numerous goals to remind myself how things are coming along.

Blog List

There are sixteen steps on this list, and I reckon I’ll  hit number 6 in the next 2 weigh-ins – although this is not particularly impressive, two of the most important steps in the weight-loss part of my journey are nearly dealt with. The first thing for me that made me feel huge was being heavier than James. This is entirely unnatural, particularly as he is nearly a whole foot taller and male! I was even frightened that after my non-weigh ins the last six weeks I’d be heavier than him again. When we compared, James had lost a little weight, and I was still a few lbs lighter than him. I don’t know why this is a concern of mine, but the wave of relief that washed over me when he put those big hairy feet on the scales was overwhelming!

The second part is number 6 – Getting over the stone hump into the Elevens is really important to me, as previously it was the realization that I was no longer fat – just carrying a bit of extra weight. It was also in the Elevens that I got into my first pair of size 12 (U.S 8) jeans, and all through the eleven stone bracket I felt fantastic, confident and much better about my body. It was the first time as an adult I was actually beginning to LIKE my body! To make it even better this time, the first part of James’ deal kicks in at the other end – my engagement ring. I’m hoping this will materialize for my 30th birthday at the beginning of March (If I make it to 11 stone by then!), although I’ve warned him he’s not allowed to propose at the finish line of the Half Marathon the day before…..I would be mortified……..

The final and probably most important goal on this list is number 13. That means officially, by ‘Clinical Standards’  I’ll no longer be overweight. As an adult, that has never happened before. It is also part of a longer-term game plan, which I’ll talk about nearer the time. The long-term implications of having a healthy BMI are so important, especially when I look at my Mother, Aunt, Nana to name but a few. I’ve always been told that old age doesn’t come on its’ own, and I’m not naive enough to think otherwise, but I watch these people who are dear to me struggle with ailments, injuries and diseases that could easily have been avoided if they hadn’t been porkers most of their lives. Hence the reason I’m doing this now.

Weight Watchers List

These  are pretty similar to my blog list goals, but just with more mini-stepping stones along the way. There are 21 in total, and I’ve completed six of them. Again, I’m hoping the next one will be in the bag within the next few weeks. When I initially set these goals, I tried to make a realistic endpoint that isn’t going to leave me floundering and starving myself to get to goal weight. My final weight is 9 and a half stone, and I’ve based this on my previous weight loss and where I’d like to be for running. I think ideally I’d like to be 9 stone at peak running weight for long distances, but I don’t think I’d be able to maintain this as a regular weight.  Only time will tell!

Non-Weight Goals

A while back I made a list of goals that had nothing to do with the scales. I’ve not mentioned these recently, and looking back, it makes for some interesting points. There are 8 in total, and I’m surprised at my progress here.

  1. Manage to run 5k without stopping to walk – Completed on the 12th Aug (Thanks, Jog Log)
  2. Fit back easily into my favourite jeans (currently too tight) – Gone, in the bin!
  3. Having to buy a new dress for my BFs 30th because everything is too big – I didn’t buy a new dress for this, I wore jeans instead. But THEY were new.
  4. Get rid of the jeans I wear all the time because they are too big – See 2 and 3.
  5. Run a 10 min mile – I now do this regularly as an average pace running 5k
  6. Be able to fasten my Star Belt (Favourite!) – I haven’t tried this yet, I’ll wait for the next Happy Wardrobe Dance 🙂
  7. Wear a short shirt without my ‘love handles’ poking out – These are, unfortunately still there!
  8. Lose the ‘love handles’! 😦

So there you have it. My non-scale progress has come along nicely, and I think I’ll review this into the New Year and set myself some fresh goals. In the meantime, let’s see if I can make it over the stone hump for Santa! I hope this inspires you all to think about your own goals, and maybe even set some new ones. After all, half the fun is the journey 🙂


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