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Double Figures

Weigh-in: 1.5lbs loss

I’ve had great day today. Sunday is my ‘long run’ day – I’ve been gradually building up my distances. My previous long run came in at 9.7 miles, which was a second attempt after having to stop and walk a bit the previous week. My intention today was to creep into double figures, which involved changing my route. It was a lovely change of scenery, although I became very aware today that I’m now running a fairly long way, and it all became a bit scary. Luckily, I’ve had some cracking advice from a very talented, humble and inspirational man who has run as a big person, a smaller person and most importantly, a WW person.

My run today came in at 12.3 miles – I could not believe it. I’m less than a mile away from my half marathon distance! This has been such a confidence  boost, and made me realise I CAN do this – not maybe, CAN. Today was also the Great Scottish Run, and a few of my friends were running it including Inspiration Man. Not only is he the oldest of them all by a few years, he was also the quickest. By nearly ten minutes. This is the man who finished a marathon weighing in over 17 stone at 5ft 9. That’s what made me go today. That’s what made me keep pushing. That’s what made me shout out and keep steady on the torturous 3-mile uphill home. Inspiration Man, I salute you.   I’m not going to lie, I was very jealous that I wasn’t out there doing the half too, but it would have been too soon, and judging by the racing times of my fellow runners, I’d have probably struggled.

‘Patience’ says Cordelia.

Gel-ly Good

I’ve heard some pretty horrific stories about energy gels. People throwing up, choking, the fact that they taste hideous, and worst of all, getting the squits – whilst running. EW. So, on advice of Inspiration Man (Hereafter referred to as I’M) I find myself flagging a bit uphill on the last stretch and tried one today to give me a boost. I had none of the hideous aforementioned side effects, however, it did taste pretty awful (think warm, flat Lucozade that’s congealed slightly) and I managed to dribble the first half of the sachet down my vest and get it all over my fingers. Very sticky. Then, of course, I saw every man and his dog that I knew, looking at best like a dishevelled sumo wrestler who is unable to feed themselves. This is why my partner does not run with me.

I did, however, seem to miss 2 miles somewhere in the run so they must be working! Just need to practice opening them!


The other little triumph this week was finally getting away from the dreaded 12st 3 – out of the frying pan and straight into the stone-hump fire. My focus seems to have shifted – I’m no longer obsessed with food and counting points, as the progress and achievements from running are giving me a far greater satisfaction. This is very, very dangerous for me, as exercise has  never been the issue – always food. I’m trying hard to maintain a focus on WWs, propointing and tracking, and truthfully, it’s not going well. I really feel as if I need to re-ignite my WW spark, but really don’t know how to. I’m not likely to see my weight-loss goals if this continues.

This week, I’m only looking for a half lb loss, as this takes me to my third silver seven, and I’m now very close to being 11 stone-something – Something I haven’t been for nearly 2 years, and even then it was only fleetingly. You’d think that would be enough to get me going, but still I waver as my WW app languishes (metaphorically) at the bottom of the pile. Maybe I need some help?


So plodding onward this week, I’ll continue to seek out a way to get going, run my half-marathon distance and take it from there.




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