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How Many ProPoints in a Midgie?

Weigh-in: STS

My weight this week reflects my attitude perfectly – indifferent. I deserve everything I got this week, as I quite frankly haven’t given a toss about my eating habits. I’ve now been at the same weight for three weeks, and excruciatingly close to my third silver seven. This did not seem to deter me this week from a full-on embrace with Walter Fat Brain. It’s almost as if I’ve given him stronger powers by bringing him to visual fruition…..



So, this week my main problems have been – tracking. I just haven’t. Why oh why do I do this? I start off most days with good intentions, but my tracker seems to be abandoned by 3 in the afternoon, which then leads to overeating later on. My weakness food is a sandwich – I could eat them all day long. At work, I had propointed every sandwich in the shop, so I knew EXACTLY what I was getting myself into. And now….

They’ve changed the whole range.


When I work a backshift, I have to close the shop up at night. We reduce stock that is out of date that day down to 20p in the evenings, to try and sell it off. Most of the reductions are – you guessed it – sandwiches. This week it has not been uncommon for me to eat my dinner (Which I’ve made beforehand) and then eat sandwiches AFTER that! I realized on Tuesday when I pointed one of the new flavours how much damage I had done this week. It propointed out at 14. That’s more than half my daily allowance in one go! If I had pointed and tracked the first night I did that, I’d probably have lost weight this week, because I sure as hell wouldn’t have done it again. From now on, I’ve set the rule that I don’t touch sandwiches at all at work, (just not worth it!) and I don’t buy anything for consumption unless I know how many propoints are in it. Cordelia has put her foot down.

I’m committed to getting rid of 2lbs this week, I want that silver 7 and I desperately want to say I weigh ’11 stone something’ and beat the stone hump into submission shortly after that, so I’m getting the ball rolling again. I’m making myself post a progress report here on Monday to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Midgie Muncher

It’s been an odd week for running with aforementioned Doctor, but that trend has continued all week. It’s been uncharacteristically warm for this time of year, and very sticky and ‘close’ under a grey sky with what feels like not a breath of air. This has resulted in uncomfortable, excessively sweaty runs that have been a lot  slower than anticipated (apart from my hot-foot with the doc). My long run wound up at 9.5 miles this week, and I was overheating at the 3-mile mark. Needless to say it was not a pleasant experience. I sweated so much that by the time I got home the sodium had crystallized in visible lumps on my forehead, and I could have offered it up to Graziano’s Chippie.

With warm weather and no wind comes Scotland’s least-welcome animal – the Midgie. They were EVERYWHERE. Because I was sweating so much, they were sticking to me! I had them in my hair, in my eye….. Naturally, when you are running, you breathe through your mouth – this resulted in at least a dozen of the little blighters being swallowed (mmmm, protein) and left me pondering as I was plodding along – ‘How many propoints in a midgie?’

So, onward with a gladsome mind this week, and see if I can pull 2 lbs out of the bag . Have a good week all!


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