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Back to Earth With A Bump

Weigh in:  2lb Gain

Well well well. That was a good guess, wasn’t it? I have had a wholly ridiculous week which amounted to a wholly ridiculous gain. Do I still think it was worth it? Damn tootin’.  Standing on the scales and seeing the numbers go up was unpleasant, and for a split second I thought it wasn’t worth it. But that’s all it turned out to be – a split second. I was more annoyed about feeling like crap afterwards – I didn’t feel human until Tuesday morning, and wasn’t giving a toss about the scales. I still ran Tuesday/Wednesday as normal. I still went to my meeting and weighed in, and still stayed for the chat. Can you imagine if I hadn’t? I know loads of people who take this route, and it always ends badly. If I have one piece of  advice to give anyone, it’s GO TO YOUR MEETING NO MATTER WHAT. I now have a clear goal for next week (yup, you guessed it, lose the 2lbs) and nothing is getting in the way. The main thing this week (apart from the crap in/crap out theorem) that I have discovered is it’s all in the head.

Fat Brain Has A Lot To Answer For

The hardest thing about this week was fighting with my Fat Brain. I don’t mean with the eating and drinking (that bit was easy – Fat Brain wins!) but with my moral standing on the subject of Weight Watchers. We are effectively programming ourselves to be healthy and see a loss on the scales, so trying to justify a deliberate, self-induced sabotage can be difficult to deal with. This was my issue. Fat Brain was positively wetting himself in anticipation (Yes, I decided he’s a boy. I’m going to call him Walter. I used to know someone called Walter and I didn’t like him very much.)  whilst Thin Brain (Lets call her Cordelia) had her head in her hands. Technically she should have been pleased for the weekend off, but no matter which way I turned it, I could not justify to myself that what I was doing was okay. I don’t know if I am naturally pre-programmed to be hard on myself, but that’s a battle I’ve lost. What  I now know is that the war is definitely not over. And I’m going to win that one.

Another effect of this weekend is the dread of James’ 30th birthday, which is only a fortnight away *Walter jumps up and down* – we’re on holiday for a week and I  could do with having another 5 weigh-ins before I have to deal with this sort of situation again. They say only a fool never learns from their mistakes, so I’m planning already. This appeals to my freakishly geeky, scientific list-writing self, and I’m determined when I weigh in on the 18th September, I’ll not gain 2 lbs. Even if it’s 1.5lbs gain, it will still be better than last time. I’m planning where to squeeze in runs, avoid ridiculous alcohol ( Diesel jagerbomb with woo woo chaser?) and not eat snacks like they are shutting down Walkers and Cadbury’s simutaneously. Are there better ways to limit damage? I’ll gladly take on board any sensible suggestions.

All Aboard the Gem-Gem Train

One of the strangest but nicest things about being at Weight Watchers is the ripple effect I’m having. I’m a confident, outgoing, energetic person (read: talks too much) that will be openly enthusiastic about things I’m doing with anyone prepared to listen. Since deciding to change my lifestyle for good, it’s started rubbing off. My Mother has rejoined WW. (My tactic there was ‘I’ve never seen you skinny and I don’t want to put you in a box before my grandmother’ – Harsh, but it worked) She wants to do it, but now she also has to face being a fat Mother of the Bride when I get to goal, which I don’t think she wants either. She’s lost half a stone already. I’m proud of her and I love her.

At work, all the skinny girls laugh at me with my ‘posh salads’ and bottles of water – they survive on energy drinks. I know I eat better than them, and I’m also fitter than them. And at least 4 stone heavier. One not-skinny girl notices this, and the fact I look healthy and fresh, even without make-up, and that I’m starting to shrink. She took the step today and joined up. I’m proud of her too, and we can work as a WW team as well as a work team. Another staff member has started eating more healthily and is considering coming to my WW class. Win!

Lastly, I met some girls at a recent local show that come in to my shop, and they were trying to persuade me on a boozy night out, to which I politely declined. One had recently had a baby (I suspect she was overweight before this) and the other quite overweight. After pushing and pushing and asking me why, my answer was ‘because I’m 1lb off losing a stone this week and it’s damn well coming off’. Silence followed. STAND YOUR GROUND, PEOPLE. Since that day, new mum is ‘on a diet’ and other girl has started walking for exercise. (One-Nil to Cordelia!) – Seriously though, it’s nice to see positivity being passed on.

Here Endeth The Lesson

Although I felt a bit bummed out straight after weigh-in, it’s actually helped me to re-focus my efforts this week. I took a look at my ‘Jog Log’ today – a diary of all my runs- dates, weather, feelings, times, pace, splits. It reads like an arithmophobes’ nightmare and a scientists’ dream, but lets me see what’s right and what’s wrong. I realised that since I started back, I’ve run over 50 miles already. That’s back home to my folks in Troon plus room to saunter to the nearest bar! When I started back running on the 15th July I was 14lbs heavier and had a seriously dodgy knee. I ran 1.3 miles before I had to stop and walk. On Sunday I’m running 4 miles without thinking about it.

I’ve decided to make the 100-mile mark an NSV to look forward to, which has spurred on my running this week. Teamed with my awesome planning, WW work buddies and 2lbs to shift, Walter is quivering in his boots already.


1 thought on “Back to Earth With A Bump”

  1. So is Cordelia doing the “Gem’s Light Fandango” today??? Can’t wait for the next instalment! U have done terrifically well.

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