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If You Put Crap In…….

I’ve had the best weekend in a long time.  James and I had friends from university visiting, and we haven’t seen some of them for two years. The weather was excellent and  we spent time relaxing and enjoying our surroundings. I cooked for everyone, balancing tastes, preferences and making sure everyone was happy. I made some Weight Watchers recipes (Chilli, Spinach and Ricotta Canneloni) and a few other bits and bobs and had the usual selection of nibbles, and even made my double chocolate fudge cake with Splenda to lower the Propoints value. If you are trying to lose weight, it’s important to plan ahead for events like these, and decide how to handle it.

What has changed for me this time is that I’m losing weight for life, and want to change my lifestyle as a whole, not just my diet so I can lose weight. lt is the mindset that needs to change to achieve this, and this seems to be the hardest to change. One part of this is still being able to ‘live life’ – It’s important to strike a balance between social events, work and home life and still be able to lose weight gradually and be healthy. You have to be realistic in your outlook – I like to drink, and I like crisps and bread. I’m a grazer. I am never going to tell myself I’m not going to have these things ever again, but I just need to do it in moderation. I  struggle with the fact that weekends like this one aren’t ‘wrong’ and I am ‘allowed’ to enjoy myself. What I need to make sure I do is return to my normal habits afterwards, and carry on living my normal ‘healthy’ life.

Since being back at Weight Watchers I’ve had a loss every week, and not missed a class. Normally if I’d had a weekend such as this one, (I gave up counting points after beer number three)  I’d be eating minimal points the next few days until weigh-in and running the legs off myself to try and get a loss. I’m not doing that this week.

Two things have contributed to this.

I realized it’s been five years since all of us started Uni. It seems like five days ago. Life is precious and too short. I don’t see these people often enough, and I’ll damn well enjoy myself when I get the chance. if I put on 2lbs, it’s well worth it, and doesn’t detract from the other 14.5 lbs I’ve got rid of so far.  Secondly, I feel awful. I couldn’t go for a run if I wanted to. I’ve got a sore stomach and I’m pretty sure it’s my kidneys and liver that are both buckled under the abuse of the last few days. I feel sluggish, lethargic and have zero motivation.

It’s these bizarrely conflicting points that brought me to write this post – I’m beginning to accept that you can eat/drink things that are not necessarily good for your diet and it won’t completely derail your journey. It’s okay to party. However, the way I am feeling today indicates that the stuff I used to put into my body on a regular basis does NOT make you feel good, and ironically I don’t feel like doing it again. It’s like going from 0-100 in 3 seconds – not a good idea! Next time I party, I’ll be doing it slightly differently – skip most of the meat, don’t drink beer and wine, and cut down on salty/sugary treats.

I’m under no illusion that this week on the scales will not result in a loss, after all, if you put crap in, you’ll get crap out. That’s okay though, because I’ve learned an important lesson for health AND for life. Today is a fresh day, and everything is back to normal.  I’m at peace with that.


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