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The Happy Wardrobe Dance

Weigh in:  2.5lbs loss

I’ve made my first wardrobe goal! Last night I poured myself a large JD and diet, and spent an evening trying on a pile of clothes that didn’t fit me 15lbs ago. It was met with moderate success, fitting into a lot of my favourites that had been languishing at the back of the cupboard. (I did a little victory dance in a lovely red dress)  My two pairs of work trousers and favourite jeans were another matter. Have you ever tried something on that you can get fastened but it’s just too tight for comfort? That was me. I relegated one pair of work trousers to the next Happy Wardrobe  Dance (another 7lbs away) and the other I decided to promote to mainstream wardrobe. I reckon they will slacken off in two weeks or so, but in the meantime will be fine for shifts in the office when I’m not bending down to pick up boxes (rrriiiiip!) The same situation with the favourite jeans – just don’t think I’d be comfortable in them for a whole day.


Although I did well on the scales this week, I didn’t do well eating and tracking. My experiment was put straight out the window with the arrival of ‘time of the month’ (Cue cravings for bread, crisps, pasta) so I resorted to damage limitation and after getting the all-clear from the doc this week, strapped my knee up and ran like hell. I loved all of it (well, apart from the last uphill quarter mile on every run) and squeezed in 3 5k runs, a 3.5 miler and a 2 mile speed run. This is clearly what got me my loss. I realise that this kind of running isn’t sustainable at the moment, and need to address my eating this week. Easy Solution? Send my tracker to my mother every day via iMessage. She’ll kick my arse if I don’t behave!  Job Done!


After talking at our meeting about making a commitment over the next few weeks, I realised I am 2.5 lbs away from my 10% goal. I’ve committed to getting there by James’ birthday, which is 2 weigh-ins away. This week we are having a party at home for all of our Uni friends, so realistically a 1lb loss will be enough for me. The following week I’m going for it and will get that 1.5lbs to get to 10%.

Immediately in my head, that makes me think about how close I am to the ‘stone hump’ and getting into the 11s – something I remember is feeling really good through my 11 stone bracket last time, because it was a transition from being ‘big’ to just carrying a little extra weight.


Going through the clothes-sorting  process has been a huge motivator for me and I strongly urge anyone who still has ‘skinny clothes’ to put them somewhere visible, and use them as a Non-Scale Victory. Mine have been in a pile in my wardrobe with a label hanging from them saying ‘Try on at 12st 7’ – something I see every time I open that door. Directly underneath is my running gear.

Today I get to change that label to 11st 13 and think about the next pile of nice clothes I’m missing out on. It’s days like today I’m glad I never threw out my size 10 (U.S 6?) clothes from the first time, and that I have a steady stream of smaller clothes to try on. If you don’t have that luxury, why not buy a few items you love in various sizes and do it that way?

Go on, try it – maybe in a few weeks you can do a Happy Wardrobe Dance all of your own 🙂



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