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The Importance of the ‘Smaller Picture’

Having lost 4 stone (56lbs) before, I’m very aware that I have a long journey in front of me, but along the way I need build long-lasting habits that will prevent me from re-gaining weight and ultimately maintain a healthy lifestyle. In a situation like this, obviously the main aim is to get to a healthy weight, thus eliminating many possible health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and other related illnesses.

A ‘healthy weight’ means to me a loss of 57lbs – I know at a healthy rate of 1-2lbs per week, this is going to take a long time. It’s important that it does take time, though, in order to build those habits that become second nature. It’s all very well saying all of these sensible things, but the reality can be daunting, and as we all know, it’s very easy to get downhearted and give up altogether. That’s why the smaller picture is of utmost importance.


We’ve all done it – broken a task down into smaller sections in order to get our brains round it – losing weight is no exception. In fact, I think it’s essential. At the beginning,you think you’ll lose all the weight steadily with no bumps or setbacks – then when you have week or two where you stay the same or even gain, everything comes tumbling down. Having smaller goals helps to re-focus, and makes progress seem that little less distant. How you break it down, is of course, entirely up to you- everyone has personal ideas and experiences, and no-one knows your body like you do.

I work from not one, not two, but three different goal lists.  This wasn’t done intentionally, but it’s kind of working well for me. Being a scientific person, I like to see figures. I did latch onto this so much at one point that I was weighing myself every day, looking for weight changes as little as a quarter of a pound – Not healthy.  So I did a bit of shuffling, and made myself a list of non-scale related goals to run alongside, to give myself stuff to aim for.

Weight Goals

In addition to my goals list on this blog, I have a goals list I drew up for Weight Watchers including their 5% and 10% weight loss milestones – giving yet more weight figures to tick off as I go. The added advantage I have is knowing what being at these weights feels like once before, and re-integrating  these positive memories into my goals. This WW list is pinned to my whiteboard in my kitchen.

My Weight Watchers List
My Weight Watchers List

Non-Weight Goals

So to help take the focus off results in numbers, here’s my list of other goals – hopefully they inspire you to make some yourself?

  1. Manage to run 5k without stopping to walk
  2. Fit back easily into my favourite jeans (currently too tight)
  3. Having to buy a new dress for my BFs 30th because everything is too big
  4. Get rid of the jeans I wear all the time because they are too big
  5. Run a 10 min mile
  6. Be able to fasten my Star Belt (Favourite!)
  7. Wear a short shirt without my ‘love handles’ poking out
  8. Lose the ‘love handles’!

I’m looking forward to ticking things off as I go – make a list for yourself!


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