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Out of Hiding and Giving it Yee-ha – A Catch-up

Current Weight: 13st Dead (182lbs)

Well, after a two-month absence I’m back. I’m using this post as a catch-up and will post separately later on.

Since my last post, my thoughts on the various aspects of my life were spot-on. Lambing did eventually come to an end, although a lot later than expected.

My job in the kitchen didn’t get any better or any less stressful, and I gained 8lbs in the month or so I worked there. I left.

Our sheepdog lost an eye in an unfortunate accident, which resulted in another sheepdog on loan, and the lovely Moss has now joined the tribe on a permanency- he’s not house-trained, so I’m now going through the steps of trying to house-break a 2yr old dog. Fun!

The Lovely Moss
The Lovely Moss

I’ve suffered a knee injury, which has limited my exercising ability temporarily, but hopefully I’ll be good to go in a week or two.

I now have a new job in the local shop, which although involves shifts, fits in with my eating habits a lot better – a much nicer place to work too.

So how have another raft of changes affected the way I eat and my campaign to get healthy? Well, I’m a lot happier now and 20 times less stressed, which has had a very positive impact on my outlook. After gaining 8lbs at work, I took the step and re-joined Weight Watchers 2 weeks ago. I lost the extra 8lbs in the first week, So I’m now back at 13st.

One of the things I always struggled with was tracking my food intake, and I have to say that I’m all over it now. This is thanks to the very handy Weight Watchers app – It’s a bit more user-friendly than myfitnesspal and has loads of extras to keep motivation up, including members’ success stories. Maybe I should have gone back sooner, knowing how well it worked for me last time, and having the discipline of standing on the scales at a meeting really helps. Weigh-in Day is a Wednesday, so weights will be updated then.

Another thing that heading back to WW has taught me is portion size – although I’m eating ‘good’ food, I’m still eating too much. My first day using pro points I was dismayed at the size of my porridge portion. Surprisingly, it filled me up and I wasn’t hungry again until lunch time – a prime indication that my body really doesn’t need the extra fuel – it’s just my Fat Brain that thinks it does.

The final thing that has happened is James – he had no idea I was so bothered about my weight, and has now given me added incentive – if I get to 11st, he’s buying me my engagement ring, and if I reach my target weight, we’ll set a date for the wedding! He now understands properly how I feel, even though he loves me whatever size I am, and what he has said will motivate and inspire me!

So, from this point, it’s onwards and upwards! (Well, hopefully downwards!)


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