Healthy Eating, Life Journey, Weight Loss

Steady as She Goes

Weigh in: 0.25lbs loss

1.25 lbs slack to pick up

0.25 lbs. I think I could have pee’d that out before I weighed in! Still, I’m not complaining, it’s better than staying the same or putting on! Today is the first day I’ve had peace to do anything – work and trips to the vet with the dog has taken up my spare moments so far this week. I’m glad I’ve lost this week, even though it was only a TEENY amount – and I’m also glad I made that decision to step on the scales. On Sunday night I had it all blown out of proportion and thought I’d have put on every single pound that I’ve lost in the last few weeks, and can you imagine if I’d just given up? I’d be starting to put weight on already…….

So things are steady so far this week, and I’m hoping to control my eating and exercise as best I can until the lambing period is over. We’ve only got a week or so left, so I’m going to stay strong and try and maintain my weight until then – No more gains. The binge eating habit has definitely been put to bed and I feel like I no longer have to worry about it so I’m going to update my goals list to reflect these changes.

I keep telling myself to try, try, try every day and maybe next week I’ll lose another 0.25….. 🙂

Keep on truckin’, folks!


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