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Something’s Gotta Give….

My humble bloggers, it has been 11 days since my last post, and it feels like 11 years……

All manner of disasters have occurred since my last post, including a weight gain of 1.5 lbs on Monday. This week will be no better, I am aware of this. But it is also one of the reasons I post today. As we all know, dealing with your weight is a long-term battle. Believe me, I am ready to give up right now forever and do NOT want to step on the scales tomorrow morning. But do you know what? I’m going to. Because if I don’t, it will only get worse.

I think I figured that I could take on a whole load of stuff in one go in the last few weeks, and just get on with it. I realize now that I have bitten off waaay more than I can chew. Lambing nightshifts, feeding schedules for sick lambs, a stressful new job surrounded by food, an almost absent partner and now….. a very sick dog.

Something had to give! Unfortunately, it’s been my eating habits. For nearly three weeks now I have had no regular eating or sleeping patterns, and also had no inclination to cook after coming in from work having done nothing but that all day. This has led to many dinners of chips, pizza and other ridiculous unmentionables, and eating sometimes as late as 10pm at night.

I cannot continue to do this, or I will end up twice the size I started. So. Tomorrow I will weigh in, and start again. Put it behind me and get positive. Lambing is nearly finished, so my goal now is to HOLD MY WEIGHT until the end of lambing, then get back to eating at more sociable times.

Wish me luck, people.


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