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Knock Me Down with a Feather……

Weigh in: 2.25 lbs loss

Well….. there we have it. I am more shocked than anything, as after the events of this week, the last thing I expected was that sort of loss…. it just goes to show, that even if things aren’t perfect, just keep trying. Happy days! I’ve learned some important lessons this week, and will work to take these into account. Let’s look at last weeks’ goals –

  1. Write down what you are eating every day – okay, so this didn’t go entirely according to plan, but of the two days I didn’t track, one of them I mentally tracked. That was yesterday. So I’m going to award myself 6 days out of 7. This action will carry over, as I’ve not made it a habit yet.
  2. Keep busy – avoid boredom eating – Check! I’m all over the boredom eating, so I can put this one to bed.  I will look back at my goals periodically, just to make sure I don’t slip into old habits.
  3. Eat little and often – I’ve tried very hard with this, but the lambing schedule hasn’t been overly accommodating. I’ve managed not to binge though, and am aware of my eating patterns, so that’s a win.
  4. Exercise every day – I managed this every day bar Saturday, so this will carry over.
  5. Educate those around you – Win! Had a long talk with James about what happened at my parents, and he is now aware of my food weaknesses, and the things that scare me – he has also promised to support me when I’m down. I know he will do it, because that’s the kinda guy he is 😀 He’s also stopped putting sugar in my tea!

Okay, so a mixed bag in terms of results, but this already gives me a focus for the coming week and helps to start positively all at the same time.

First Goal

I’m so pleased I’ve met the first goal I set myself. Getting over the ‘Stone Hump’ is a big deal, and psychologically always was at Weight Watchers too. Getting down over the 11 stone mark took me 6 weeks last time, and it’s the thing I’m most petrified of this time round. I may have to set ‘mini goals’ when I reach that stage.

So, now I can say I weigh ’12 stone something’ instead of 13 stone….. sounds slightly less grotesque, right? James has also expressed his pleased-ness too – this means a lot. Even better, my next goal of weighing less that 180 lbs is firmly in sight, and I can do it this week. That will give me more of a boost, more determination to keep going. This is a long-term commitment, and I don’t care how long it takes, but as long as there is a downward trend in my weigh-ins, I’m doing things right.

Ticking off goals is a big motivator for me – I’ve always been a list-writer, and I also blame my love of computer games (Xbox achievements, anyone?) and being able to internally gloat over how well you are doing. So, I’m going to cross off the first goal on my list… 1 down, 15 to go! To keep my complacency in check, I’ve added my ‘positivity page’ – positive affirmations of the things I have changed. I’ll look on this regularly to give myself a boost and remind myself of all the good things I’m doing. Find things like this that work for you – take all the help you can give yourself. I have a friend at WW who is motivated by her ‘silver 7’s’ – a sticker you get on your weigh-in card for every half-stone you lose. When she stands in the queue to weigh -in, she’s always got that bit facing out the way, so everyone else can see how well she is doing. (She currently has four.)  Silly, maybe slightly petty, but it works for her!

Another Change

One thing that scares me this week is starting a new job – I’m working in a kitchen, so I’m going to be around food all the time. I’m not a picker when I’m working, but I need to make sure that I can control what I eat on my breaks – all the staff eat off the menu, which is highly processed, calorie-laden, and full of sugar and fat. I also will not be eating ‘ends’ (The stuff that gets chucked out at the end of the day) which is quite commonplace. I’m going to get a box, and get one of the staff to put the ends in the box and bring it home to James (he’ll be grateful of the calories, especially just now) So the inside of that box will be of no concern to me.

Situations like this are important to pre-empt, and while might take a week or two to get into a pattern, will soon get sorted if you stay on top of them. Thankfully this week I’m on half-shifts, so won’t need to get fed at work. This will give me a chance to talk with my new manager and explain my situation. This might prevent future outbreaks of points 2 and 4 of my pet hates list, and generally give me a better chance of not falling off the wagon.

So, this week looks a bit like this:

  1. Keep food diary every day – Hopefully I’ll crack this one this week
  2. Exercise every day – see above!
  3. Sort my work eating habits – start as I mean to go on, and keep the ‘ends’ locked up if there are any

The last thing I  have learned this week is that I cannot ‘rely’ on people to help me out with this – I can ask for support, but I may or may not get it. I am of course referring to my weekend at home with the parents. So I have to learn to be strong and go for it – after all, no-one can lose the weight for me, so I’d best get on with it!

Good luck this week folks!


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