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Pet Hates When Losing Weight

It’s nearly weigh-in day, and I’m up at my folks for the Holiday. As recently discussed, I will be happy with a ‘no change’ this week, as lambing is getting quite stressful. I’m continuing to try and behave over the weekend, but is very difficult with all of the chocolate eggs and other naughty things floating round, as well as being away from my routine at home! As we sat down for dinner last night, something happened that made me really angry. My Mum and Dad know me well, and watched me lose weight the last time round – and know my weaknesses. This kicks off my pet hate list of things that happen to derail healthy eating.

  1. A ‘Help Yourself’ Dinner Table – I hate it when all the food is placed in the centre of the table. I am a ‘If it’s there, I’ll eat it’ person, so having food like this is a major no-no for me. I’ll pick and pick until the plates are clean. It skews portion control and encourages you to eat more than you really need. If you are at a large gathering, this is usually the easiest way to serve food, and in those situations I excuse myself from the table shortly after finishing. Failing that, I ask the host if they would like help clearing the dishes away. My Parents know this about me, and last night I ate a ridiculous amount of potatoes because of it. It was one of those things I had totally forgotten about since the last time I lost weight, and it crept up on me last night and kicked me up the ass. Noted, and will be learned from.
  2. ‘One Won’t Hurt’ – People that INSIST that you taste something or have one, because it won’t do you any harm. (Picture Mrs. Doyle from Father Ted) No. This is not the point. The point is that we are trying to learn to control our food urges and make rational, informed decisions about what passes our lips. If you are mad about chocolate, trying to lose weight and someone waves a Dairy Milk under your nose, how are you supposed to make a rational decision? Educate people and make them realise what they are doing is causing more harm than good.
  3. ‘Why  Are You Not Drinking?’ – Because I’m fat, and I don’t want to be fat anymore. I now say this when people ask. It soon shuts them up. If it goes wrong, this can sometimes lead back to point two.
  4. Lack of Options – being somewhere out of your comfort zone and having no low-calorie or healthy options for something to eat or drink. Where possible, I usually try and take something with me just in case, but there are certain situations where this is not appropriate. In these situations, you’re stuffed. Uncontrollable sabotage is the worst kind.
  5. Mindless Eating – Something I am training myself not to do. I no longer ‘multi-task’ when I’m eating. No T.V, no writing blogs, because it takes the focus off what you are actually eating. It is important to appreciate and enjoy the food that you have, instead of shovelling it in between changing channels – another fast track to overeating. I also find watching people doing this absolutely disgusting, which is one of the things that put me off.

What are your pet hates? How do you get round them? Feel free to share!


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