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Empowerment, Positivity and the Sorting of The Jeans

Chin Up!

Staying as positive as possible is key to sustainable weight loss. Without it and willpower, I can categorically say you are stuffed. Don’t get me wrong, no-one is all positivity and inspiration all the time, but it is important not to dwell on mistakes for too long, and try and turn them into a positive or something useful. I have a theory on this – Just now, I am in a period of testing times, things are hard just now. This is the best time for me to start being healthy. If I can do it when life doesn’t like me, imagine how much easier I’m going to find it when things calm down?
I feel like it also brings a sense of control when everything else is proper crazy, and there is nothing you can do about it.

My Poor Jeans

After yesterdays’ jeans disaster, today I am going to sort through them all. I’m going to try them all on, and stack them in a pile, biggest on top. Then I’m going to try them all on once a month. This will give me a visual goal, and I’m leaving the pile in plain sight where I walk past them 100 times a day. As they begin to fit, they go in the wardrobe. As they get too big, they go to the charity shop. My aim is to get to the bottom of that pile, and eventually not have a pile at all.


Something that happened to me a long time ago popped into my head this morning, and I wanted to share. The last time I lost weight (circa 2005) I had an incident one night. I had been out with a friend from work who stayed near me, and walking home down a footpath we were approached by three youths. It was dark, and the path is flanked by fields. These boys must have been about thirteen, and one of them stopped and asked me for a cigarette. I told him no, I didn’t have any left (I was NOT giving a cigarette to a kid) and went to walk away. Cue a barrage of abuse, and the tallest lad turned round and said ‘F**k you, you fat bitch’ – I was geared up because of the confrontation (Love a bit of confrontation – must be the Italian in me) and a wave of smugness washed over me.  ‘Aye, so I am’ I said, smiling and I walked away. To the stranger, yes, I was still a little overweight (I think I was about 11 stone at that point) but that kid didn’t know I’d already lost the best part of 4 stone (56lbs). He was trying to insult me, but it actually had the opposite effect. I felt empowered.

I remember that feeling so well, and remember thinking that he’d actually insulted me with an offhand remark as opposed to actually fixating on my weight. I reckon if I’d been a lot heavier, he would’ve said something else instead. I knew, that night, I that I was no longer fat, because I realised how far I’d come. The very fact that his comment didn’t hurt, and my instant thought when he said it was ‘no I’m not, I used to be’ was my thin brain finally winning the battle with my fat brain.  As I am reminded of this today, this time, Thin Brain is winning the war.


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