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Lamenting the Loss of the Jeans

As a farmer, I tend to live in jeans. Not this crappy skinny jeans carry-on, but proper, denim jean-jeans. Due to the weight fluctuations of the last year or so, I currently have one pair that fit me well, one pair that are too big, two pairs that are tight and just about wearable, and the rest I have no chance with.

I now have a crisis.

The pair that fit me well are knackered. They finally met their end today, climbing over a gate in the sheep shed. They are my favourite jeans, and are now torn to pieces. What am I going to do?

The first thought running through my brain is that I need to lose weight really quickly now, because my second favourite pair are a good deal smaller, and I don’t think I’ll get into them comfortably for a while. The second thought is to go and buy another pair. I then remember that I have been through this escapade a million times in the last year, and can never get a pair to fit properly that are the  right cut. If anyone can suggest where I will find a pair of good-quality jeans that aren’t  £1 squillion in a size 14/16 I would be eternally grateful. I also need a 28/30” inside leg, on account of being a short-arse.

The eating isn’t going so well this week, just because James and I have no routine. The lambs have taken over, and if it’s not bottle feeding or lambing, it’s something else. This is not good for eating patterns. I did not keep my food diary yesterday, which was one of the aims for the week , but after crawling into bed well after one this morning, there was no way I was sitting filling it in. I have picked straight back up this morning, and am getting plenty exercise, so hopefully not too much harm done. I’m dubious about weigh-in this week because everything has been so topsy-turvy. I feel that I am coping better though, and it’s not a crisis, it’s just a case of keeping on the wagon. So far, no binges, even after an emotional night nursing a lamb that died in my arms – so I’m definitely getting stronger.

If I can get through the rest of the week filling in my diary and weigh-in on Monday at the same weight, I’ll take that as a win, even if it is without my favourite jeans.


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