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Onward, and do a bit of Swimming

Weigh in: 3.25 lbs loss

I am one very pleased cookie this morning. My weigh-in gave me a great result, and puts me oh-so-close to meeting my first weight-related goal next week. If I keep my food diary updated daily and get out exercising this week, hopefully I’ll lose enough to weigh in under the 13 stone mark. that would be excellent.

I was very worried about whether or not I would be down on the scales after my emotional binges on Friday and Saturday, and need to learn to control emotional eating, as life throws lots of curve balls. I cannot use them as an excuse, I need to learn to deal with them myself, so this week I’m looking into coping mechanisms so that I can continue to be successful.

I have also promised myself that when I reach 12 and a half stone, I’ll start running again – I did this when I lost weight at Weight Watchers the first time, and it really worked. Heavier than that, I was putting too much strain on my knees, and stuck to swimming.

Swimming as Exercise

If you are quite overweight, I would recommend swimming, the weight melts off, you don’t get sticky and sweaty and you can stop anytime and have a rest. It puts no pressure on your joints, and if you swim regularly, you soon make some new friends. I know someone who made excuses for years about being ‘too big to wear a swimsuit’ – guess what, they are even bigger now. If you are bashful about being seen in your swim gear, get over it. Nobody is looking at your body in the 2 minutes it takes to get from the changing room to the pool, they are too busy focusing on what they have to do. And even if they are, be proud – you are doing something about it, and in a few months they’ll be looking at someone a completely different shape!

Buy a good-fitting comfortable costume (Guys, this means you too – no baggy shorts with your bum hanging out) a decent pair of goggles and you are away. When you start, set yourself weekly goals based on your ability. Up your goals every week. I went from swimming 10 lengths (250m) without stopping in my first week to swimming a mile within an hour in the space of three months. My friend couldn’t manage 1 length when he started, and in that same 3-moth period ended up swimming 30 lengths (750m) in one go.

The beauty of it is, it doesn’t matter how heavy you are, in the water we are all the same weight 🙂 My technique greatly improved in this time too, again, I went from ‘not getting my hair wet’ to proper underwater/breathing techniques, so  you can set yourself other, non-weight related goals. I bought a waterproof mp3 player too, which kept me occupied under the water!(I don’t recommend trying to sing, though. Nasty consequences.)

I miss swimming very much and don’t have a pool on my doorstep, but I’m hoping when I start my new job I can start again purely for pleasure as I’ll be in the nearest town anyway for work. Do it, people!



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