Healthy Eating, Targets, Weight Loss

Just a quickie – Goals

Quick post – I’ve added a ‘goals’ page and given myself ‘baby steps’ to encourage me to keep going. Once some of these are ticked off, it can really help with motivation. Using ‘stepping stones’ weights (I’ve used both UK and US measurements to give me more choice, and like to have ’round’ figures – that’s the scientist in me :D) can really help, especially the weeks where losses can be as little as 0.5 lbs.

Do this for yourself- it really does help! If you look at the big picture all the time, you will get despondent (I’ve got 14 steps to get through!). ‘Baby steps’ are the way forward, after all, this change is for life, not just until you hit a target weight. Right now, I’m little over 1.5 lbs away from my first goal, and I have a whole week to work at it. I can taste victory!


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