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Justification for this Blog

So. Lots of people do it, and there are many reasons why. The main reasons that people post their weight-loss/healthy lifestyle quests on blog sites like this is to document their journey, add a sense of routine to something that is unfamiliar to them, and also to keep them motivated, as well as taking ownership of what they are doing. It is very rarely because they want to share it with the whole world.

I am no exception. I feel as if I have to justify this blog (I know it’s really to myself and no-one else) so I’m going to do it in this first post and then it’s done. So here is my story.

I’m 29, 5ft 4, busty and weighed in at 13st 4 and a bit lbs (186lbs) on Monday of this week. I’m a size 14-16, I’m a smoker, I like to drink and most of all I like to EAT. Apparently, for my height and build, I should be somewhere between 7st 9 (107lbs) and 10st 5 (145lbs). As you can see, currently I am nowhere near this. The reasons for needing to lose weight (apart from the above) and get into a healthier lifestyle are as follows:

I live on a farm – this lends itself to a healthy lifestyle, so really I should have one and I LOVE being outdoors. I used to be super-fit and now at nearly thirty, the last remnants of fitness are screaming to get out before they are engulfed in a wave of fat. I feel very unattractive at this weight. I have a very handsome other half, and I’m heavier than him – He’s 6ft 2 and a normal weight. That’s not right. He also comes from a family of 3 slim and very good-looking sisters, who, even if I was a healthy weight, I’d still look fat and ugly next to. I also don’t want to be 30 and fat, I don’t want to be a fat bride when the time comes, and if I decide to have children, I certainly want to be in top condition to conceive, because I sure as hell won’t be at the other side of it. I’d also like to be able to pass on healthy, normal eating habits to my children – This did not happen in my household growing up. I also don’t want to open myself up to a rake of diseases later in life – I have enough of that with smoking (Which, incidentally, may be the next step) I digress…..

So my story of my weight goes a bit like this – normal childhood, early developer (thought I was overweight at the time but was most certainly not) Normal up until about the age of 17 (size 10-12), where I started to gain a little bit of weight. By the time I was 21, I was 15 stone and a size 20 – the heaviest I’d ever been. I joined Weight Watchers, and got back to 10st 10 (150lbs) and was back in a size 12 and very happy and comfortable. I became ill through stress at work at the age of 23, and my weight dropped down to 9st (126lbs) , at which stage I looked a bit too unhealthy. Since then, I’ve bounced between 11st and 13st (155-182) but never really gotten serious about taking it off for good.

I feel like I need to do this now, because I know the older I get, the harder it will be. I’m pretty sure my boyfriend doesn’t want a fat girlfriend, and having been at both ends of the weight spectrum, I know where I feel ‘right’ and feel like myself.

I’m tackling this the simple way – eat less, move more. My knowledge of nutrition, digestion and cookery are all pretty good, so that definitely helps (and in theory tells me I should know better), but there are various tools I’m using to help me on the way. ‘My fitness pal’, an app available to use as a food and exercise diary,’ Tilly’ my Jack Russell, who will be the main route of exercise, and my dearly beloved Mother who struggled with her weight for a very long time, and will be there to keep me on the wagon.

Losing weight is just one step to the habits of a healthy lifestyle, but I have tackled others before this – I sorted out my alcohol intake. I still drink regularly, but it’s one or two drinks at home, maybe three at a push – and I’ve only been drunk once in the past four months. That’s a huge improvement from the time in my life where I was in the pub four or five nights a week, staggering home at midnight. Like all vices, things have to be done in ‘baby steps’ so although getting to a healthy weight and altering my eating habits is the first ‘big’ step, I will have many little ones along the way. Ideally, I’d like to be around 9st 7lbs (133) – That’s 53lbs to lose. Definitely need some baby steps!

So! My initial goals are as follows:

  1.  Get below 13 stone
  2. Weigh less than my boyfriend

Once I’ve hit these, I’ll re-evaluate the situation and take it from there. Official weigh-in is a Monday morning, so I will add to the ‘Weights and Dates’ every week. Wish me luck!



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